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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

A more natural breast enlargement option...

A fat transfer breast augmentation procedure is for women who wish to have a breast enlargement but don’t like the idea of using an unnatural material (i.e. a silicone implant). Fat is removed from somewhere unwanted (usually tummy, flanks or thighs) and injected into the breast to increase its volume. The main advantage to this is that it achieves a more natural and subtle look compared to implants. Also, once the desired result has been achieved, because it is your own natural tissue you are unlikely to experience any longer term problems (like requiring implant replacement). The main downside to fat transfer is that it can be difficult to increase the breast volume by a large amount in a single procedure. A significant volume increase therefore requires repeated procedures. This is because the injected fat needs to establish a new blood supply in the breast and transferring lots of fat in one go reduces the chance of this happening. 


This is a relatively specialist skill that is not performed by many surgeons in the NHS or private sector. Mr Pieri developed his skills in this technique in the NHS, finding it a useful method of improving the appearance of a breast with a defect following cancer surgery or radiotherapy changes. He has also used this technique to recreate a whole breast following mastectomy. 

Book a consultation with Mr Pieri and he can discuss the pros and cons of fat transfer versus implants with you and talk about whether it is suitable for you with your breast and body shape and your personal aesthetic goal. 


1-3 hours

Hosital Stay

0-1 nights

Return to Work

14 days

Recovery Time

6 weeks

Post-Op Bra

6 weeks