Areola Reduction Surgery

Feeling self-conscious about the size of your areolas can severely impact your confidence and self-esteem. Fix this insecurity and embrace your beauty by opting for areola reduction surgery. 

Mr Andrew Pieri MBBS MRES FRCS
Mr Andrew Pieri MBBS MRES FRCS

Specialist cosmetic & cancer breast surgeon

What is Areola Reduction? 

Areola reduction is a cosmetic procedure that reduces and resizes the pigmented skin surrounding your nipple, called the areola. It is also commonly known as reduction mammoplasty or areola resizing. 


Your breasts and areolas are distinctive, and there is no standard look or shape. However, if you feel self-conscious about the size of your areolae, this surgical enhancement can improve your breasts’ appearance by balancing your proportions. This transformative operation can improve your confidence by creating harmony with your breasts and aligning with your cosmetic goals. 


Mr Pieri performs various nipple procedures at his Newcastle and North East clinics, including areola reduction, nipple reduction and nipple or breast reconstructions. Based on your aesthetic goals, Mr Pieri may combine other cosmetic procedures to achieve your desired look.

Why Choose Areola Reduction Surgery? 

Your breast characteristics are unique to you, and the size and shape of your areolas can be determined by several factors, including: 


  • Genetics: You inherit features from both parents, influencing whether you have small or large areolas.
  • Age: As you age, your breast structure changes and your skin loses elasticity. Ultimately, this can result in stretched areolas that look visibly larger.
  • Weight Changes: Weight loss or weight gain can impact the proportions of your breasts, leading to disproportionate areolas.
  • Pregnancy: Naturally, your breasts will expand during pregnancy, and your nipples and areolas can stretch. 
  • Breastfeeding: Your areolae and nipple size will change during breastfeeding due to the hormones that produce milk and additional stimulation. 
  • Hormonal Changes: During puberty, pregnancy and breastfeeding, your body produces more progesterone and estrogen levels which may cause your areolas to increase in size. 
  • Previous Breast Surgery: Various breast augmentation surgeries can alter or stretch your areolae size and position.

Although there are no dangers of having more prominent nipples or areolas, it can severely impact how you feel about yourself. Therefore, if you can relate to these aesthetic struggles, areola reduction surgery is a suitable solution for you to consider.

Woman with large areolas that are stretched due to large breasts
Woman with large nipples and areolas after breastfeeding

What Are The Benefits of Areola Reduction? 

An areola reduction is a long-lasting solution which holds many benefits, including:


  • Enhanced Body Confidence: Prominent or large areolas can make you feel self-conscious, disproportionate or embarrassed. By opting for this treatment, your self-esteem and confidence can improve, positively impacting your mental well-being.
  • Cosmetic Appearance: By adjusting the areola and nipple size, Mr Pieri can create a harmonious and balanced look, improving the overall aesthetic appearance of your breasts. Typically, this procedure is actioned alongside breast augmentation surgery to provide fuller breasts in line with your cosmetic goals. 
  • Comfort:  Large or puffy areolas and nipples can cause physical discomfort during exercise. This surgical option can alleviate the tenderness, enhance your breast’s proportions, and improve daily activities. 
  • Freedom: Large areolas can impact how your breasts look in swimsuits, clothing and underwear. It can create a puffy shape, or you may need to readjust yourself to protect your modesty. With an areola reduction, you can feel confident wearing all clothing items without embarrassment.
  • Minimal Scarring: The procedure involves a small circular scar around the perimeter of the areola. This innovative surgical technique means that scarring is virtually undetectable as it is concealed where the colour and texture change on your breasts. 
Minimal scarring following areola and nipple reduction surgery
Areola reduction surgery to reduce and resize your areola

Your Areola Reduction Procedure 

During the treatment, Mr Pieri will strategically make a periareolar incision to remove excess areola skin. The surrounding skin is pulled towards the nipple and stitched together. The natural change in skin colour and texture around your nipple will conceal the scar and improve the cosmetic outcome.


This minor procedure is performed as a day case under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic (i.e. asleep) at your request. Therefore, it is safe for you to leave after the operation to recover in the comfort of your home.


The night before, please shower using antibacterial soap and avoid using perfumes or creams to keep your skin clean. For your safety, you should not eat 6 hours before treatment or drink 2 hours before surgery. 


Pre-surgical checks will happen on the day of your treatment, where Mr Pieri will also mark your skin and take before images as a reference point. 


Post-operative check-ups are scheduled one week after the procedure for a dressing change with the nurse. Then, Mr Pieri will see you again after two weeks and three to six months to ensure a safe recovery. 


A post-surgical bra is also required to facilitate healing, prevent excess swelling and minimise bruising after the operation.  


1 Hour

Hospital Stay

0 Nights (Day Case)

Return to Work

7 Days

Recovery Time

6 Weeks

Post-Op Bra

6 weeks

frequently asked questions

With all cosmetic procedures, there are risks and complications which you should be aware of. Although this is a safe operation, undergoing areola reduction surgery may result in:


  • Changes to your nipple sensation 

  • Scarring 

  • Damage to your milk ducts 

  • Bruising, numbness and nausea during recovery 

If you have any questions about the risks associated with this surgery, we recommend booking a free virtual consultation or emailing Mr Pieri at [email protected]

Breasts require glandular tissue (milk-making tissue) and neurohormonal reflexes to produce and release milk. Understandably, all breast surgeries have the potential to disrupt or interfere with milk production. However, as a highly-skilled and expert cosmetic breast surgeon, Mr Pieri will carefully preserve milk ducts and blood supply to the nipple region to ensure you can breastfeed safely after the procedure. 


Although many patients can successfully breastfeed without complications after an areola reduction, it is based on your body and surgical requirements. It’s recommended to discuss any concerns with Mr Pieri during your initial consultations to determine if this is the right surgical option for you. 

The simple process of reducing an enlarged areola or nipple will leave behind minimal scarring. Mr Pieri makes a circular incision around the areola, which blends seamlessly with the natural colour transition between the skin and the pigmented areola. 


While initial healing takes place over the first few weeks, your scars can take up to one year to fully mature. This will vary from individual to individual, so it is essential to follow the advice given by Mr Pieri during your post-operative check-ups. 

This is a bespoke surgery tailored to each patient, and it is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Mr Pieri will understand your aesthetic goals and determine the best approach in reference to your breast’s proportions to provide natural and beautiful results. Therefore, the degree of reduction will vary based on your contours and individual preferences.

After your surgery, you will see an immediate change to your areola shape and size. 


During the first post-operative check-up, Mr Pieri will remove the stitches showing a visible improvement to your breasts. However, it will take up to 6 months to see your final results as it will allow for all swelling to dissipate and breast tissue to settle. Additionally, it can take up to one year for the incision points to fade and heal for you to appreciate the final results.

Yes, an areola reduction can be performed simultaneously with another cosmetic breast augmentation procedure. During your face-to-face consultations, Mr Pieri will understand your cosmetic desires and marry these expectations with a bespoke treatment plan. 


This procedure can be combined with an implant augmentation if you want to increase your breasts’ volume and improve their shape or symmetry with Motiva implants. A combined areola and breast reduction will be the best solution if you have larger breasts with excess breast tissue. Alternatively, a breast lift with areola reduction is a suitable option if you have sagging breasts or breast ptosis

The cost of your procedure will depend on a variety of factors, and your surgeon can discuss this with you during your initial face-to-face consultation, which costs £200. 

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