Breast Augmentation Turkey VS UK

Mr Andrew Pieri MBBS MRES FRCS
Mr Andrew Pieri MBBS MRES FRCS

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Quick Overview

To summarise the findings of this article:

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation Turkey

  • Lower cost

  • Emulate online influencers

  • Enjoy a sunny holiday

Disadvantages Of Breast Augmentation Turkey

  • Limited pre or post-operative care

  • Lack of revision care if breast implant surgery goes wrong

  • Potential language barrier could lead to medical mistakes

  • Less regulated medical equipment and care could mean lower-quality support

  • Risk of permanent damage to your body

  • Harder to get compensation for medical malpractice if required

  • Costly emergency care if something goes wrong

  • Travel required during recovery time

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation UK

  • Fully qualified surgeons

  • High standard of care and equipment

  • Regulated industry

  • Breast implant sizing session offered before surgery

  • NHS back-up for emergency medical issues

  • Safe, sterile operating clinics

  • Initial consultation with your surgeon

  • Ongoing aftercare

  • Lower risk of breast augmentation complications such as implant rupture

  • Recovery time can be spent closer to home

  • No language barrier or potential misunderstandings

Disadvantages Of Breast Augmentation UK

  • Breast augmentation costs are often higher

  • Less clement weather in the UK

Ultimately, while travelling to Turkey for your breast augmentation might sound fun and cheap, it could cause serious harm to your health in the long run. Saving money might be tempting, but in the long term, you’re better off paying a higher price to guarantee a better standard of care and the outcome you want. Keep reading for more information.


Medical tourism is a rising market that has been growing significantly over recent years, as long waiting lists and high costs for private cosmetic surgery in the UK make patients seek operations elsewhere.

Turkey is a popular destination for patients who want to combine a holiday in the sun with a cosmetic procedure, often for the same price as the surgery alone would cost in the UK.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for female medical tourists is breast surgery.

However, while costs can be significantly cheaper when compared to the UK, travelling to Turkey for breast surgery can be dangerous. The lack of clear regulations and the ease of setting up a plastic surgery clinic in the country means that there are many rouge practitioners exploiting patients.

The issue has become so significant that the UK Foreign Office has issued travel warnings for those thinking of getting a breast augmentation or another cosmetic procedure in Turkey.

Getting a breast augmentation is a major step and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re considering undergoing surgery in Turkey, keep reading. Mr Pieri explains why cheaper Turkish breast augmentation isn’t always the bargain you might think it is.

Woman travelling abroad for breast augmentation

Why Is Getting A Boob Job In Turkey So Popular?

In the UK, one of the main issues many patients face when considering breast implants is the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implants are rarely funded by the NHS, even in cases of significant asymmetry leading to effects on mental well-being. So for the vast majority, including those who want to improve their breast size, the procedure will have to be paid for privately.

Many Turkish clinics charge lower fees and work with airlines and hotels to create travel packages which appear cost-effective. That means you can combine a holiday in the sun with a breast augmentation, usually at the same or an even lower cost than the procedure alone in the UK. You can also get bundles of several procedures at the same time, making it look like you get a great deal.

Also, a lot of popular social media influencers have travelled to Turkey for a breast augmentation or another cosmetic procedure and have shared their experience with their followers. Many of these influencers are working with clinics in Turkey to promote their work, meaning their positive posts might not be entirely accurate, or they may have received a higher standard of care than regular patients would get.

As such, patients in the UK might be enticed to consider travelling to Turkey to get their breast implants fitted, but in many cases, the risks outweigh the potential rewards.

Dangers Of Getting A Breast Augmentation In Turkey

One of the main issues with getting breast augmentation in Turkey is that the industry there is less regulated than it is in the UK. Turkey is not in Europe, and clinics in the country are not required to follow the rigorous standards that European and UK clinics adhere to.

As such, while there are some clinics that adhere to high standards and work hard to provide clean, safe and sterile spaces for their patients, others might be less vigilant. These are some of the main downsides of getting a breast augmentation in Turkey.

  • Lower Standard Of Care: To keep costs down, Turkish clinics might use less qualified staff or older medical equipment, which can have a serious effect on the quality of your breast augmentation surgery outcome.

  • Lack Of Consultation: Missing out on an initial consultation about your breast augmentation is common when you visit Turkey for a boob job. This can be a major issue, as the consultation at the before you undergo major medical procedures like a breast enlargement can help you to understand the risks and get the right result.

  • Uncertain Outcomes: Without a pre-surgery discussion with your surgeon, which is uncommon in Turkish clinics but is routine in the UK, you might not get the breast volume, size or general appearance that you wanted. You may also not be told important information, such as whether they are using saline implants or silicone breast implants, or what aftercare will be required.

  • Communication Issues: Because Turkish is the main language spoken in the country, and there are more than 70 other languages or dialects in use, depending on the region, you might encounter a language barrier, which could lead to misunderstandings.

  • Health Risks: One reason many medical tourists travel to Turkey for cosmetic plastic surgeries is that they can get a deal on several procedures at once. Sometimes known as a ‘mummy makeover’, you can often get a tummy tuck and other body sculpting procedures at the same time as you get a boob job in Turkey. Getting multiple procedures at the same time is not recommended, as it takes a major toll on your health. Also, outbreaks of botulism have been linked to weight loss injections in Turkey, and many patients who got a mummy makeover have experienced extreme symptoms as a result.

  • Travel Time: After your procedure, you will have to travel back to the UK. While you might be able to book a stay in a hotel for some time, you will eventually have to fly back, usually in the middle of your breast augmentation recovery time. Flying after you’ve just undergone breast augmentation surgery is incredibly dangerous and may lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which can be life-threatening.

  • Expensive Emergency Care: If your breast augmentation surgery goes wrong and you have a medical emergency, either during the procedure or afterwards, then you may have to pay for your medical care or make a claim on your travel insurance. This can increase the price of your procedure significantly and is not a cost you have to consider in the UK.

All of these issues could cause you discomfort, extra costs and emotional distress. In some cases, they could lead to permanent disability or even death. While those are extreme outcomes, they are not unheard of from medical tourists getting popular cosmetic procedures like a boob job in Turkey to save money.

Why Is It Safer To Get A Boob Job In The UK?

Getting cosmetic procedures like a boob job in Turkey might be cheaper initially, but you might have to pay more to fix any mistakes made.

For example, if they use cheaper breast implants, which aren’t high quality, or do not insert the implant into the breast pocket correctly, then you may need to have further surgery to fix these errors. You could be at risk of capsular contracture or other medical issues. If these occur, you may need breast implant removal before a surgeon can replace your implants.

So, you may have to pay more than once for your procedure and deal with the health implications of getting an unsafe procedure in Turkey. Also, having multiple procedures or the stress of travelling home so soon after your breast augmentation can increase the size of your scar tissue.

In the UK, you won’t have to fly home after your surgery and can usually recuperate at home. Breast Surgeons like Andrew Pieri will provide a pre-surgery consultation to discuss the procedure and your goals. He uses only the highest-quality round breast implants for his patients, so you’ll be getting a great result that will last for many years.

Mr Pieri and his team provide pre and post-operative care to patients, so you will feel supported from start to finish. That means that you can ask questions and get the breast implants you want to achieve your desired outcome.

Woman getting a pre-surgery consultation before boob job

Find The Right Breast Surgeon In The UK

Even in the UK, you still need to search for an experienced breast surgeon with the expertise needed to give you the perfect boob job. Anyone performing breast augmentations in the UK has to be a qualified surgeon, but experience and patient care are also important factors to consider.

Andrew Pieri is one of the top breast surgeons in Newcastle, with a long history of successful breast augmentation operations. His services are competitively priced for the UK market, and while they’re not as cheap as those of some Turkish clinics, he offers the highest possible standard of care to ensure your safety and comfort.

If you’re looking to book a boob job in Newcastle, then Mr Pieri’s services could be the ideal option for you. Alongside breast enlargement surgery, he also offers breast uplift surgery, breast reduction and breast implant removal.

His work performing all kinds of breast surgery means he is able to provide every patient with top-quality care throughout the process. He works closely with his patients from the start, providing a breast implant sizing session to help them find the right size implants for them.

Once the procedure is complete, he will provide follow-up appointments to ensure your breast augmentation recovery is going as expected.

If you’re ready to see how Mr Pieri could enhance your life and give you the body shape you’ve always dreamed of, book a consultation today. Alternatively, for more information and a no-obligation discussion, email [email protected] or call +447526556934.

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