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Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry or “being lopsided” is how people describe having one breast bigger than the other. It is very common and to some degree, absolutely normal. However, there are many women where this difference in size is significant enough to be very noticeable and can lead women to feel self-conscious, even with clothes on. It can also present a practical issue where bras and tops don’t seem to fit well.

There are many ways to correct asymmetry depending on the size of the breasts, the difference between the bigger and smaller breast and the individual’s preferred look. It is common to perform an implant augmentation of both sides, with a larger implant in the smaller breast. It is possible to just do an implant augmentation of the smaller side, but this often creates a different ‘style’ of breast on each side, even if the overall volume has been balanced out by the implant. 

In larger breasts, it is possible to perform a breast reduction on one side and either nothing on the other or a breast uplift on the smaller side to improve symmetry and match the ‘style’ of the side that has been reduced (as you tend to get an uplift with a reduction anyway).

A less commonly used option that can be used for smaller differences in size is a fat transfer procedure. This can increase the size of the smaller breast with a more natural look than implants.

Essentially, there is no single best option and ultimately the procedure needs to be selected based on an individuals specific physique, breast size and cosmetic goals. Arrange a consultation to discuss your specific situation with Mr Pieri and he will help you to understand your options and what will work best for you.


1-3 hours

Hosital Stay

0-1 nights

Return to Work

7-14 days

Recovery Time

6 weeks

Post-Op Bra

6 weeks