Asymmetrical Breasts: Causes And Treatments

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Mr Andrew Pieri MBBS MRES FRCS

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Most women have some form of breast asymmetry, and it’s usually so minor that it goes entirely unnoticed.

However, some women see a significant difference in the size and shape of their breasts, which is known as breast asymmetry.


Usually, breast asymmetry is completely normal and is no cause for concern. However, if breast asymmetry occurs as a change over a period of a few months or less, this could be a sign of a medical issue.

Keep reading to learn more about breast asymmetry and how Mr Pieri helps women identify the issue and find the best treatment option.

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Causes Of Breast Asymmetry

There are many reasons why you might notice uneven boobs, and most of them are entirely benign. However, in some rare cases, asymmetric breasts might be a sign of an increased risk of breast cancer.

As such, if you notice a drastic change in the breast volume, shape or size of one or both breasts, you need to speak to your doctor. They can refer you to a breast diagnostic clinic so you can get a mammogram to check for signs of breast cancer and other issues.

As mentioned, most of the reasons for breast asymmetry are entirely benign and require no treatment if you don’t want it.

In some cases, health problems might be the cause of the issue, so you need to understand the cause as soon as possible, especially if you’ve noticed sudden changes in your breasts.

Some of the reasons for uneven breasts include:

  • Hormonal Changes: Any time your hormone levels change, for example, during puberty, at certain times in your menstrual cycle or when experiencing pregnancy or menopause, breast size might change.
  • Breast Feeding: As well as hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and childbirth, breast feeding can also cause uneven breasts, especially if your child feeds from one breast more than the other.
  • Genetics: If your female family members have uneven breasts, it is possible to inherit this trait from them.
  • Hypoplasia: This issue involves an under-development of one breast, which results in an uneven look.
  • Poland Syndrome: Some women have an underlying growth disorder like Poland Syndrome, in which the chest muscle is underdeveloped on one side.
  • Juvenile Hypertrophy: A rare condition called Juvenile Hypertrophy can cause uneven breasts due to your body’s struggle to adapt to hormone production.
  • Breast Cancer: In some cases, breast asymmetry can be an early sign of breast cancer, so women with an increased risk of cancer should attend regular mammograms and monitor breast changes closely.

Whatever the cause of your uneven breasts, if you have a large variation in your chest area, there are solutions to fix the issue. For medical conditions such as breast cancer, treatment will need to be carried out to ensure you’re healthy before you consider surgical techniques to fix your breast asymmetry.

Breast Asymmetry

Treating Uneven Breasts

For minor breast asymmetry, which is barely noticeable, many women choose not to treat the issue or to use non-surgical methods such as padded bras to reduce the asymmetry.

However, for drastic asymmetry that’s clearly noticeable, many women choose to explore surgical techniques.

Some of the most common breast asymmetry surgery options include breast augmentation, such as fat transfer augmentation or breast implants. These procedures can be carried out on one or both breasts to create a natural, even appearance.

Another solution is breast reduction surgery for the larger breast to make the two breasts even again. This approach can be useful for women with bigger breasts to begin with.

For minor breast asymmetry that’s primarily due to breast sagging or the breasts being different shapes, a breast uplift can be an ideal solution.

Every patient is different, and the best treatment for uneven breasts depends on a variety of factors, including the cause of the issue and personal preference. Your breast surgeon can provide you with support to help you understand your options and find the right one to suit your needs.

Get Breast Asymmetry Surgery From A Leading Breast Surgeon

Living with breast asymmetry can be challenging, especially as appearances are very strongly linked to our mental wellbeing. Developing asymmetry at any age can cause issues with your body image and make you feel self-conscious, especially when engaging in exercise or during warm weather.

For women who find themselves with drastically uneven breasts, breast surgery to correct the problem can be a valuable treatment option to improve self-esteem.

Mr Andrew Pieri has extensive experience carrying out breast asymmetry surgery at hospitals across Newcastle and the North East. As a result, he can offer the benefit of his expertise to help you choose the right treatment for your uneven breasts.

Whether you choose a breast lift, breast reduction or want to consider a breast implant in the smaller breast, Mr Pieri has the skills needed to change your appearance and give you the even breast shape and size you’ve always wanted.

For more information on breast asymmetry surgery from Mr Pieri, book a consultation today. You can also email [email protected] or call +447526556934 to get impartial, no-obligation advice.

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