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Nipple & Areola Reduction

Nipple & Areola Reduction Surgery

Some ladies have an enlargement of the nipple and areola. This can be due to pregnancy, breast feeding or previous surgical operations on the breasts (such as other plastic surgery procedures like implant augmentation which can sometimes cause the skin to stretch). In some women, there is no cause and their areola just naturally developed this way. The enlarged nipple or areola can be reduced surgically, leaving relatively minimal scarring – usually a circular scar running around the areola, which often hides well as it blends with the natural line formed by the colour change where the skin meets the areola.

Sometimes an areola reduction operation is performed at the same time as an augmentation or very commonly, a breast reduction or uplift

Book a free mini consultation with Mr Pieri to discuss a nipple and areola reduction operation and whether this would be suitable for you. 

Nipple Reduction Areola reduction, plastic surgery, breast surgery Newcastle

1 hour

Hosital Stay

0 nights (Day case)

Return to Work

7 days

Recovery Time

6 weeks

Post-Op Bra

6 weeks